climbing guidebook Bayerischer Jura

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The climbing guide for the Southern Franconian Jura. Sport climbing in the Franconian Jura.... more
Product information "climbing guidebook Bayerischer Jura"

The climbing guide for the Southern Franconian Jura. Sport climbing in the Franconian Jura.
Until the follow-up volume for the Konstein area is available, the (paid) Vertical Life app will help you find your climbing destinations in Dollnstein and Konstein.
The climbing guidebook "Südlicher Frankenjura" is history. The extensive climbing areas around Regensburg are now described in the Bavarian Jura volume. The removal of the crags between Eichstätt, Dollnstein and Wellheim into an independent climbing guide Konstein (to be published in spring 2023) creates the much needed space for numerous novelties between Altmühl and Naab.
The now available climbing guide "Bavarian Jura" describes on 480 pages almost 100 destinations with a total of about 1700 routes, the area of climbing destinations is significantly expanded: In the Altmühltal, previously unpublished crags near Dietfurt are described. The chapter Labertal is enlarged beside smaller extensions up to the area Velburg. From there - south of the Hohenfels military training area - the connection is made to newly developed crags between Raitenbuch and Kallmünz. Finally, in the Naab Valley, two classic climbing destinations are presented for the first time.
Thanks to Eberhard Zieglmeier's most intensive efforts and his comprehensive local knowledge, there are updates for all objectives. Almost all topos have been revised and supplemented, the routes characterized in comments and access descriptions updated. The fact that everything has been rounded off with a new illustration makes especially want to climb.
In addition to the area maps for a quick overview, our proven detailed maps also show the location of the rocks, as well as their access. They are also provided throughout with QR codes to comfortably get to the respective parking lot, as well as with the descriptions for environmentally friendly travel by public transport - so everyone should find to their vertical desired destination.
Even if the areas around Regensburg are no longer as popular internationally as they once were, the high quality of the routes and the scenic ambience are second to none. The climbing guide "Bavarian Jura" includes a short historical outline of the climbing history of the Altmühltal and so-called "spots" on archaeological, architectural features and - last but not least - flora & fauna worth protecting.
Let yourself be inspired and plan your next climbing trip true to the motto "Why go far, ...". The Bavarian Jura has more to offer than "canal in the back"!
The guide comes with a download code for a free, three-year app for iOS and Android. If you have any questions about the app, please contact the Vertical-Life team directly.
Contents: Altmühltal, Donaudurchbruch, Labertal, Naabtal and side valleys
480 pages
Language German
Edition 2022

E. Zieglmeier
Panico Alpine Publishing

"climbing guidebook Bayerischer Jura"