climbing guidebook Cormot Le bout Du monde

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The new climbing guide for the top climbing areas of Bourgogne (Burgundy), Cormot and Baderne... more
Product information "climbing guidebook Cormot Le bout Du monde"

The new climbing guide for the top climbing areas of Bourgogne (Burgundy), Cormot and Baderne (Bout du Monde), now comes in a slimmer form and different format. The historical essays and much more about the area have been significantly shortened in favor of the topos.
In both climbing areas, one can actually climb year-round except for the restrictions of the biotope ordinance. In addition, due to the different orientation of the walls, it is always possible to find a shady spot for summer afternoons.
Cormot, with its total of 237 routes, has the much wider range of climbing difficulties (8 3 routes, 17 4 routes, 61 5 routes, 109 6 routes and 42 7 routes). There the lover of moderate climbing will find himself rather than in Baderne with its 109 routes, which are almost exclusively in the 7th and 8th French grade (five 6 routes, 60 7 routes, 41 8 routes and one 9 route).
To the good color photo-topos there is always a colored (depending on the difficulty) assignment of the paths. Thus one finds faster his level on the wall. Otherwise, the individual pages are headed with pictograms, through which you can easily get information about the respective sector (access time, orientation of the sector, number of routes with difficulty range and required rope length). The pictograms are always preceded by a photo of the area/sector with an indication of the location of the respective section.
112 pages
Language French / Info on the area in English and German
Edition 2019

"climbing guidebook Cormot Le bout Du monde"