climbing guidebook plaisir SUD Volume 1

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Climbing Guidebook Plaisir Sud Volume 1 The first volume covers the beautiful Ossolas... more
Product information "climbing guidebook plaisir SUD Volume 1"

Climbing Guidebook Plaisir Sud Volume 1

The first volume covers the beautiful Ossolas climbing area, the Plaisir Mecca Tessin (Ticino), and extends into Lecco and Chiavenna all the way to the dream climbs of the Bergell. The second volume starts in the Aosta Valley and leads you to Turino and over the Col de Montgenevre to the idyllic Val Durance all the way to La Berarde. Every region has its own unique charm and offers fantastic climbs. In both volumes you will find climbs for every season and at every grade. Many of the areas are simply perfect for families.

App Guide inside
Included in the sale price of the Guidebook, you will receive free of charge a Download code for a Guidebook App for your iOS or Android devices for 3 years. Simply download the Vertical -Life App, enter the code/password you find in the Guidebook. You will then have «plaisir SOUTH» on your Smart Phone and ready for use on the go.


1    Valletta
2    Pontemaglio
3    Premia
4    Croveo
5    Agaro
6    Codelago
7    Montorfano
8    Piansecco
9    Pizzo del Prévat
10    Freggio
11    Sotalpizz
12    Valle di Gorduno
13    Ponte Brolla
14    Speroni di Ponte Brolla
15    Monte Garzo
16    Avegno
17    Torbeccio
18    Geisha Walls
19    Bosco Gurin
20    Placche di Paleria
21    Balladrum
22    Arcegno
23    Denti della Vecchia
24    Maccagno
25    Galbiate
26    Lago - Sponda Orientale
27    Erna Sorprese
28    Parete Stoppani
29    Vaccarese
30    Grignetta
31    Zucco dell'Angelone
32    Varenna
33    Chiavenna
34    Placche del Boggia
35    Barzena
36    Corte Terza
37    Lirone – Gallivaggio
38    Sasso del Drago
39    Albigna
40    Sasc Furä
41    Gianetti
42    Allievi
43    Remenno – Pesgunfi
44    Val dei Bagni
45    Ponti
46    Sirta

264 pages
language german/ italian/ french
edition 2020

S. v. Känel
Filidor Verlag

"climbing guidebook plaisir SUD Volume 1"