climbing guidebook Roca España Costa Blanca Süd

climbing guidebook Roca España Costa Blanca Süd

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The southern volume covers the areas from Calpe in the north to Orihuela in the south and the... more
Product information "climbing guidebook Roca España Costa Blanca Süd"

The southern volume covers the areas from Calpe in the north to Orihuela in the south and the entire hinterland as far as Alcoy. It also presents two climbing areas close to the border in the northern province of Murcia.

After the success of the "Costa Blanca North" climbing guidebook, many climbers have had to wait a long time for the southern volume of the Costa Blanca. The initial research began in the fall of 2012 and took a long time. After the storm of the century in winter 2017, the authors visited almost all areas again and checked, corrected and added many routes and details.

As in the northern volume, they also tried to present unknown and unpublished climbing areas in the southern volume. Let's start the tour in the extreme southwest near Orihuela. In the Sierra de Orihuela, they describe the three unknown areas of Sudamérica, Vallecito and Pirámide. Further east, the authors turn their attention to the well-known sport climbing sectors near Redován and Callosa de Segura. In Vinalopo, they show the current status and present the new Rincón Bello area, which was created with the support of the LoboPlus Bolt Fund.
And in the far north, they present the Serra de Bèrnia, Altea and Mascart near Calpe. Not only the extreme climber, but also the pleasure climber and beginner will find many destinations and suggestions in this climbing guide, and not just for a vacation.

They have once again been able to improve the climbing guide in several crucial details. Using new photo and drone technology, they have succeeded for the first time in creating a climbing guide in which all routes can be shown in detailed photos. They have further improved and supplemented their tried-and-tested pictograms. In addition, they rate access and access by car with a uniform color code that provides information about the difficulty of access. The exit parking spaces can be reached using precise GPS data. Alternatively, a parking lot QR code is available that can be scanned with a cell phone. All sectors have GPS data, and detailed access maps at different scales make orientation much easier. The text is trilingual throughout in German, Spanish and English.
448 pages
Language German, Spanish, English
Edition 2018

S. Wagenhals

"climbing guidebook Roca España Costa Blanca Süd"