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Climbing Guidebook Muttekopfgebiet Climbing Guidebook Muttekopfgebiet
climbing in the area Muttekopfgebiet in the lechtal alps, sportclimbing - singlepitches, multipitches, via ferratas, 258 pages, language german, edition 2019, A. Flür
€26.00 *

out of print

climbing guidebook Tirol Plaisir Kletterführer climbing guidebook Tirol Plaisir Kletterführer
beautiful multipitches from grade 5 to 7 – in Bavaria and Salzburg area, 336 pages, language german / english, edition 2020, A. Jentzsch-Rabl, A. Jentzsch, Alpinverlag
€39.95 *
Lechtal Rock Lechtal Rock
Lechtal, Ehrwald, Garmisch, 192 pages, language German / Englsih, edition 2014
€24.80 *