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"max30min - Alpine Kletterei schnell erreicht" "max30min - Alpine Kletterei schnell erreicht"
65 multipitches in the areas of the dolomites, tirol, sarcavalley, bergell and chamonix, with a maximum of 30 min for the approach, 192 pages, language german, edition 2017, M. Baudrexl, Bergwerk Verlag
€29.90 *
Autour de Pont de Roide Autour de Pont de Roide
climbing in Franche-Comté, 57 pages, French, Edition 2011, P. Ruyer,  
€14.00 *
Bavella Escalade en Corse Bavella Escalade en Corse
Climbing in southwest of Corsica, 288 pages, Language: French, Edition 2016
€28.00 *
Cavaillon Escalade Cavaillon Escalade
climbing in Cavaillon / close to the alpilles, 276 routes and 1 via ferrata, 134 pages, language french, approach and description of the spots in french / english and german, edition 2015,  
€17.00 *
Châteaudouble Châteaudouble
Colourful world of rocks of Châteaudouble, 162 pages, Language: French / English, Edition 2004
€24.00 *
Clémont - Escalade sur le massif du Lomont Clémont - Escalade sur le massif du Lomont
Climbing in french Jura, new area, inaugurated in June 2015, 50 pages, language french, edition 2015, St. Paillard, G. Blanchon
€12.00 *
climbing guidebook Aiguines Verdon rive gauche climbing guidebook Aiguines Verdon rive gauche
Left-hand sectors of the Verdon Gorge , 160 pages, Language: French/English, Edition 2012,
€25.00 *
climbing guidebook Ailefroide Climbs climbing guidebook Ailefroide Climbs
Ailefroide Climbs, 160 pages, language english, edition 2017, JM Cambon
€17.00 *
Climbing Guidebook Ariège Climbing Guidebook Ariège
Climbing in the foothills of the French Pyrenees, 312 pages, language english, edition 2012 , Chris Craggs, John Arran, Anne Arran, Rockfax
€30.80 *
Climbing Guidebook Avignon Soleil Climbing Guidebook Avignon Soleil
Climbing all year round, 320 pages, Language: Engish/French (Introduction also in German), 1st Edition 2006
€36.00 *
Climbing Guidebook Baume-les-Dames Climbing Guidebook Baume-les-Dames
Climbing in the heights of the Jura Mountains , 124 pages, Language: French, Edition 2015,
€22.00 *
climbing guidebook Bavella Corsica Escalades Choisies climbing guidebook Bavella Corsica Escalades...
150 multi pitches at the Col de Bavella, 280 pages, language french / english, edition 2020, OmegaRoc
€35.00 *
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