Fallschule beim Bouldern

Fallschule beim Bouldern

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Safe falling while bouldering Bouldering causes significantly more accidents than rope... more
Product information "Fallschule beim Bouldern"

Safe falling while bouldering

Bouldering causes significantly more accidents than rope climbing. Why? We have never really learned to fall like Judokas do! The consequence: climbers bend over, tear ligaments or tendons, break bones - and all this even on the soft floor of the hall. This then leads to months of forced climbing breaks and sometimes even permanent damage. The health risks of climbing at jump height are blatantly underestimated.
But one does not have to accept this grievance! By knowing the theoretical background, the energy conversions to be expected on impact and the body positions to be avoided, the risk of injury can be counteracted effectively. And by using the - depending on the time available - small or large fall school, injury-preventing falls can be trained and perfected in the long term.
The new textbook by Christiane Hupe provides the instructions.  It not only serves as a guide for the individual boulderer, but is also an important tool for instructors and trainers, who can increase fall experience and competence in the long term with their groups and integrate fall exercises perfectly adapted to the level of performance into the training.
The book is the first of its kind worldwide and - as the accident numbers in the boulder halls show - overdue!
    Theory + practice traps
    Small fall school
    Large fall school
    Many different fall exercises indoors
    Didactic series for trainers
    Spotting inside + outside
    Application of crashpads outside

81 pages
Language: German
Edition 2019

Christiane Hupe
Geoquest Verlag

"Fallschule beim Bouldern"