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21 years have passed since Ticinoboulder embarked on the exciting adventure of publishing the... more
Product information "bouldering guidebook Cresciano Boulder"

21 years have passed since Ticinoboulder embarked on the exciting adventure of publishing the first bouldering guide to the crags of Cresciano. These 21 years are just the blink of an eye, an insignificant amount of time compared to the geological ages and history of the rocks scattered on the slopes of the Ticino mountains. The new guide has grown thanks to the efforts of other bouldering enthusiasts (local and foreign) who have discovered and developed new locations. Today we are able to present other very interesting bouldering areas, little gems that were previously unknown to most people. Preonzo, Prosito, Lodrino, Biasca and Malvaglia have been added. These areas are attractive for everyone (including families), there are routes of all levels of difficulty and for all tastes.
The 5th edition of the Cresciano bouldering guidebook now includes a total of 27 sectors with 1850 bouldering problems in difficulty grades 3 to 8c+. This means that the 2023 edition has grown considerably and, in addition to the classic Cresciano, also presents the areas of Osogna, Claro, Preonzo, Prosito, Lodrino, Biasca and Malvaglia. The introductory pages of the guide provide information on the area, ethics, evaluation and handling of the book. Furthermore, all the pictograms used are described and the key terms are listed in three languages.
All boulders are clearly illustrated in black and white photos. The location of the individual boulders is outlined at the beginning of each chapter. In addition, a bar chart provides an overview of the expected difficulties.
308 pages
Language Italian / German / English
Edition 2023

Ticino Boulder


"bouldering guidebook Cresciano Boulder"