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bouldering guidebook Buldringen i Oslo og omegn / The bouldering in Oslo 2021 bouldering guidebook Buldringen i Oslo og omegn...
Boulder of Oslo and surroundings, 384 pages, language norwegian / english, edition 2021- Warning: Increased shipping costs due to book weighing more than 1kg -
€43.00 *
bouldering guidebook Familieplaneten 249 utvalgte buldere i Østmarka bouldering guidebook Familieplaneten 249...
249 problems for families, 112 pages, language Norwegian, edition 2018
€22.00 *
Oppsal to Hellerud Bouldering Oppsal to Hellerud Bouldering
1563 Boulderproblems of the Østmarka, close to Oslo, 366 pages, language english, edition 2017 + vertical life app, T. M. Larsen, autoedition
€43.00 *