climbing guidebook Bornholm on the Rocks

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All of Denmark is invaded by dunes. All of it? Not really - a small but resistant island keeps... more
Product information "climbing guidebook Bornholm on the Rocks"

All of Denmark is invaded by dunes. All of it? Not really - a small but resistant island keeps on fighting against the power of the sea. And the rocks of these island are beautiful and strong. Hundred of granite routes are to be found. No matter if sport or trad climbing, Bornholm has it all. Beside of the bolted quarries there are sea cliffs of an outstanding quality with great climbing up to 40 metres in lengtht.
The island is perfect for families. While climbers enjoy the good weather on the rocks partners and children may relax on the beach. The guidebook does not only describe the climbing destinations but also serves as a travel guide to fill up rest days.
Karsten Kurz is addicted to the island. Since he came here first he fell in love with it and keeps on coming back. The book is his hommage to this beautiful piece of Denmark. It serves the climbing traveller with all informations needed for a pleasant holiday trip. It saves money and space in the luggage because there is no need for an addittional guidebook.
Beside topos, names, grades and route informations the guide offers tourist informations that are arranged to the nearest climbing areas. It is of high value for groups and families that consist only of some climbers but "common" people as well. For thes interesting hikes are described as well as sightseeing destinations.
More touristic informations can be found in the detailed maps included. Above of it the book contains texts about special features such as geology or history of climbing.
Access by car is described as well as the fitting bus connection. Every area is marked with GPS coordinates making it possible to use a navigation system. Other informations provided are: exposure to the sun, hight, number of routes in order of three stages of difficulty, suitability for children, steepness of the wall, protection.
The routes have a colour code comparable to these of the ski pistes:
blue means easy (scandinavian grade up to 5+)
red means intermdiate (scandinavian grade up to 6+)
black means hard (scandinavian grade 7- and up)
Pictograms inform about the possibility to place gear and bolts. A three-star-quality ranking with stars make it easy to pick the cherries.
400 pages
language german / english
edition 2020

K. Kurz

"climbing guidebook Bornholm on the Rocks"