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bouldering guidebook Kjugekull Bouldering bouldering guidebook Kjugekull Bouldering
Bouldering in eastern Sweden, 224 pages, language swedish, english, edition 2019,
€36.00 *
climbing guidebook Klättring i Göteborg med Omnejd climbing guidebook Klättring i Göteborg med Omnejd
Gothenburg, Norr and Öst, 368 pages and additional the vertical life app, language swedish, english, edition 2020
€42.00 *
Klättring i Bohuslän Klättring i Bohuslän
Sport Climbing north of Göteborg - from Lysekil to Stromstad, 364 pages, language swedish, edition 2015
€45.00 *
Klättring i Mälardalen Klättring i Mälardalen
climbing in the Mälaren Valley; counties Uppsala, Västmanland and Södermanland, 396 pages, language swedish / english, edition 2019
€45.00 *
Klättring i Östergötland Klättring i Östergötland
climbing in Östergötland, approx. 1000 routes, 392 pages, language swedish, edition 2015, F. Schlyter,  
€38.00 *
Klättring i Södermannland Klättring i Södermannland
climbing south of Stockholm, 160 pages, language swedish, edition 2007, A. Harne- special price, cause the books is included in the new book Climbing in the Mälaren Valley -
€25.00 *
Klättring i Stockholm Klättring i Stockholm
Climbing and bouldering areas close to Stockholm, 416 pages, Language: Swedish, Edition 2018- Warning: Increased shipping costs due to book weighing more than 1kg -
€38.50 *
Klättring på Kullaberg Klättring på Kullaberg
climbing on the Kullen, 388 pages, language swedish, edition 2014,  
€43.00 *
Sportclimbing in Västervik Sportclimbing in Västervik
climbing in Västervik, 116 pages, language english, edition 2014, J. Wasmuth, D. J. Wasmuth
€34.00 *
Västervik - Bloc Västervik - Bloc
Bouldering in Västervik , language english, edition 2017, L. Ulmer,  
€28.00 *