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Böhmische Schweiz Böhmische Schweiz
Climbing between Prebischtor, Khaatal and Windisch-Kamnitz, 256 pages, Language: German , Edition 2000
€25.00 *
climbing guidebook Broumovské stěny - Zaječí rokle climbing guidebook Broumovské stěny - Zaječí rokle
climbing in Broumovské stěny - Zaječí rokle close to adrspach, 60 pages, language czech, only language - no topos, edition 2014, S. Beneš, Š. Omámik
€8.00 *
climbing guidebook Český Kras climbing guidebook Český Kras
climbing in the czech Karst, 352 pages, language czech / english, edition 2022, P. Resch, J. Sika
€35.00 *
climbing guidebook Elbtal (Labske Udoli) climbing guidebook Elbtal (Labske Udoli)
2227 routes at the left and right side of the elbe valley, the book has maps, GPS-data, many pictures. this is the first guidebook based on topos! the routes have detailed informations about specifica and protection., 528 pages, language...
€39.90 *
climbing guidebook Horolezecky Pruvodce Krusne Hory / Stredni Poohri climbing guidebook Horolezecky Pruvodce Krusne...
Climbing in the Czech part of the Erzgebirge and in Egertal, 491 pages, Language: Czech / Glossary Czech - German, Edition 2020
€25.00 *
climbing guidebook Lausitzer Gebirge - western part climbing guidebook Lausitzer Gebirge - western...
Climbing in the western part of the Lusatian Mountains / Lužické hory - between Chotovický vrch (Kottowitzer Berg), Ortel (Ortelssberg) and Slavíček (Slabitschken), 100 pages, language German, edition 2022, , M Bellmann, J. Trültzsch,...
€24.90 *
climbing guidebook Ostaš climbing guidebook Ostaš
climbing in Ostaš , 224 pages, language czech, siteplans - top views / location of the routes - mainly language, edition 2016, A. Kadlec
€17.00 *
Climbing Guidebook Ostrov Climbing Guidebook Ostrov
Climbing in the sandstone paradise, 560 pages, language german, english, edition 2020, Gerald Krug, Geoquest- Warning: Increased shipping costs due to book weighing more than 1kg -
€39.90 *
Bouldering Guidebook Ostas Bouldertopo climbing guidebook Teplicé skály – 1. díl
climbing in the Teplical Rocks, close to adršpach, 240 pages, language czech, site plans - a few topos - mainly language , edition 2017, P. Lisák, P. Hrubý
€20.00 *
Climbing Guiodebook Moravské Skály III. Climbing Guiodebook Moravské Skály III.
Climbing in the eastern Czech Republic / Part III Southern Moravia (moravian rocks), 272 pages, language czech, english, edition 2019, V. Skýpala, V. Wolf, self edition,  
€24.00 *
Eiland / Schneeberg / Biela Eiland / Schneeberg / Biela
Climbing: An der Wand, Eiland, Schneeberg, Biela – Ostrov and surrounding, 264 pages, Language: German, Edition 2008
€20.00 *
Elbtal Elbtal
Climbing on both sides of the Elbe river, 288 pages, Language: German, Edition 2009
€20.00 *
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