climbing guidebook Crag Climbing in Romsdal

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Crag Climbing in Romsdal, Norway The Romsdal area is Norway’s most complete climbing area. It... more
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Crag Climbing in Romsdal, Norway
The Romsdal area is Norway’s most complete climbing area. It embraces Molde and the islands in the west, the spectacular Eresfjord in the east and all the climbing along the Romsdalen valley and around Åndalsnes, Norway’s mountaineering capital.For the first time, all the sport climbing and many shorter trad climbing are gathered in one climbing guidebook. “Crag Climbing in Romsdal, Norway” describes around 750 climbing routes on 36 crags and walls, along with historical references, short anecdotes, travel tips, geology and much more.

35% of the routes described in the guide are trad routes climbed on own gear, and 65% are bolted sport routes. You will find routes from French grade 3 up to 8c, with approximately half the routes in the span from 5c to 7a. The route heights vary from 7-8 meters to 700 and 14-15 rope lengths!

In “Crag Climbing in Romsdal, Norway”, you will find historic crags such as Ravnfloget in Julsundet near Molde, Håhammaren in Eresfjord, and Mjelvahammaren, Hornaksla and Norafjell in Romsdalen. You will also find new crags, such as Helveten at Åndalsnes and Brattveggen at Veblungsnes, and more unknown crags, such as Bysteveggen, Bergsvik, and Nøta.
These crags and walls are fully covered:
    • The Molde-Region
        ◦ Bysteveggen, Beinset, Sundsbøen, Ravnfloget at Julsundet, Steinskaret, Bergsvik, Presthammarn, Stornøsa, and Gussiåsen.
    • Eresfjord
        ◦ Håhammaren, Ulvesvaet, Forklesvaet, and Utkleiva.
    • Romsdalen
        ◦ Skorgedalen, Kalvehammaren, Skjenhammaren, Litlefjellet, Brattveggen, Varghammaren, Nøta,
        ◦ Helveten, Mjelvahammaren, Mjelvasteinen, Blåhammaren, Framhald, Norafjell, Halsa,Trollsvaet, Hornaksla, Gravdehaug, Bobleveggen,
        ◦ Sletta, Forsamlingshuset, Slettafossen, Purkhola, and Skuten at Bjorli.
276 pages
language english
edition 2022

"climbing guidebook Crag Climbing in Romsdal"