climbing guidebook Klättring i Östergötland

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A handy guidebook that packs a punch. The almost 400 pages (A5 format) contain 44 climbing areas... more
Product information "climbing guidebook Klättring i Östergötland"

A handy guidebook that packs a punch. The almost 400 pages (A5 format) contain 44 climbing areas and crags as well as 7 bouldering spots.
Roughly estimated, this should add up to around 1000 routes. All of them are single-pitch routes, the majority of which are equipped. However, if you want, you will also find enough routes to hide your wedges and friends in the granite. Some of the "areas" presented are quite manageable and can also consist of just one granite hump with a handful of routes (some of which are equipped). However, they all have one thing in common - tranquillity and unspoilt nature. Here you look forward to the first day of rest. Lose yourself in deep forests, set sail in a kayak, pay a visit to the Baltic coast ... or to nearby Stockholm?
The guide has a classic structure. At the beginning there is a list of all the areas included, together with their marking on a map. This is followed by the familiar introductory words (also translated into English) and an explanation of the pictograms used. The individual areas are then all briefly characterized in Swedish. Important, however: all areas are provided with GPS coordinates, the directions are always translated into English and all important information for climbing is provided by the unmistakable pictograms (approach time, orientation, steepness of the terrain, children, rain). The topos are clearly marked on hand-drawn sketches of the crags. The usefulness of this guide is therefore extremely high, even without knowledge of Swedish.
392 pages
Language Swedish
Edition 2011

F. Schlyter

"climbing guidebook Klättring i Östergötland"