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The RocPennavaire climbing guide describes around 2700 climbing routes spread over 62 areas. The... more
Product information "climbing guidebook ROC PENNAVAIRE"

The RocPennavaire climbing guide describes around 2700 climbing routes spread over 62 areas. The questions on the introductory page "Useful Information" seem almost provocative and they provide the appropriate answers, which thus illustrate the diversity and attractiveness of this valley on the Ligurian coast. They are: It's summer and hot, what is the most suitable area for this? It is winter and cold, what is the most suitable sector? It's raining, where can I climb in the dry? It has rained a lot in the last few days, which areas are the quickest to dry out? There is a strong wind, which areas offer the best protection? Or finally: We are a "NO BIG" group, which are the designated easy climbing areas?
So you can probably go to Val Pennavaire at any time of year and in almost any weather conditions and you will always find exactly the routes/rock you want. Sounds like a climbing paradise!
The bilingual information presented at the beginning of the climbing guide and the pictograms used make it easy to extract all the essential information about climbing.
GPS data for the parking areas and walls are guaranteed to guide climbers to their destination. The whole thing is of course supported verbally. The topos are placed on graphics of the rocks and are very easy to read. The most useful information is provided in tabular form below or next to the topos: Name of the route, difficulty and altitude of the route. Star rating, outfitter + date the route was drilled.

In addition to the many single-pitch routes in the valley, there are routes on the Rocca Rossa of up to 130 climbing meters for fans of multi-pitch tours. Other rocks also offer one or two longer tours, but not in this number.
2700 climbing routes
352 pages
Language Italian / English
Edition 2024

"climbing guidebook ROC PENNAVAIRE"