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Dal Brenta al Piave - sport climbing between Brenta and Piave Dal Brenta al Piave - sport climbing between...
Climbing gardens between the rivers Brenta and Piave, 288 pages, language italian, english, german, edition 2012, A. Battaglia, S. Boato, S. Casarotto, Idea Montagna
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Oltre la verticale Oltre la verticale
105 alpine multipitches in the areas of the Dolomiten, Sarcavalley, Etschvalley, Valsugana, Val di Melo, Vizentiner Alps, Val Daone and Bismantova, 208 pages, language italian, edition 2015, G. Bressan, D. Filippi
€30.00 *
Valsugana Valsugana
High walls in the Brenta canal , 224 pages, language italian, edition 2011
€26.00 *