Climbing Guidebook Rocca Pendice

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The Euganean Hills are a group of hills of volcanic origin that rise a few kilometers southwest... more
Product information "Climbing Guidebook Rocca Pendice"

The Euganean Hills are a group of hills of volcanic origin that rise a few kilometers southwest of Padua in the Paduan - Veneto plain. The gentle elevations of the Euganean Hills are a scenic pearl - dreamy landscapes and Italian way of life in historic towns where time seems to have stopped. In this ambience you can find 4 climbing areas, which with climbing mainly in the 4th-6th french degree are also reserved for the connoisseurs. Grad is also rather reserved for the connoisseurs. In total there are about 300 mostly well (many rehabilitated) drilled routes. The single pitches predominate, multi-pitches swing up to 6 lengths.
Rocca Pendice as the dominant wall is located in the heart of the Euganean Hills. It is a vertical wall that rises about 150 meters from the surrounding landscape. This wonderful rock has a climbing history of over 100 years and is famous throughout the Triveneto. On the 3 other climbing areas you can find much less, but not uninteresting routes.
The climbing guide is completely bilingual in Italian and English. It is very attractively designed, includes many beautiful landscape and climbing photographs.

All areas are comprehensively described in an introductory way. The individual sectors of the climbing areas are shown in good sketches, in addition GPS coordinates are given for all sectors and the corresponding parking facilities. All walls are described in great detail via pictograms. There is information on orientation, access time, height / rope length, type of protection, climbing style, child friendliness and a list of the included routes by number and grade.
For the individual routes, additional information is provided on grade, length, protection and enjoyment factor. The clarity of the topos is quite good. Superimposed on detailed sketches, they are easy to read throughout.
240 pages
Language Italian / English
Edition 2018

M. Chinello / M. Simionato
Idea Montagna

"Climbing Guidebook Rocca Pendice"