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Aufschwung Ost Aufschwung Ost
Boulder and DWS Guide for Central Germany , 432 pages , Language German / tw. English , 1 Edition 2013
€28.00 *
Climbing and Hiking Guide Rochlitzer Berg Climbing and Hiking Guide Rochlitzer Berg
climbing and hiking at the Rochlitzer Berg, 96 pages, language german / english, edition 2019, T. Ehrig, G. Krug, Geoquest
€15.00 *
climbing guidebook Rotgelbes Felsenland - Klettern in Mitteldeutschland climbing guidebook Rotgelbes Felsenland -...
Climbing in Saxony-Anhalt and Saxony West, 400 pages, language german, edition 2021,  ,  , G. Krug, T. Kluge, Geoquest Verlag
€33.00 *
Kletterführer Riveufer Kletterführer Riveufer
climbing at the rivebeach in Halle (Saale) and the surroundings of Halle / Leipzig, 80 pages, language german, 2nd edition 2019, Gerald Krug, Geoquest Verlag,  
€12.00 *