climbing guidebook Schweiz plaisir Jura

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Climbing between vineyards and castle ruins, on plateaus and in narrow gorges, in the middle of... more
Product information "climbing guidebook Schweiz plaisir Jura"

Climbing between vineyards and castle ruins, on plateaus and in narrow gorges, in the middle of ancient oak forests or directly above the rooftops of the city - it's all part of the Jura. Although the Vaud Jura is sparsely populated, the climbing areas in the Bernese, Solothurn and Basel Jura are literally shooting out of the ground and offer climbers a huge selection of different climbs in a small area. The latest edition (2017) has been completely revised and a few new areas have been added.
Described areas: Goulette, Trois Commères, St-Cergue, St-Loup, Aiguilles de Baulmes, Pontarlier, Hautepierre-le-Châtelet, La Brême, Roches Barmaud, Les Gras, Corchère, La Neuveville, Vingelz, Orvin, Plagne, Le Paradis, Bonnes Fontaines, Le Schilt, Dalle de Sonceboz, Blanche-Neige, Cortébert, Dalle de St-Imier, Les Sommêtres, Soubey - Clairbief, Jolimont, La Jacoterie, Loveresse, Champoz, La Rochette, Dalle de Court, Roche des Nants, Arête spéciale, Raimeux, Dalle de la Verrerie, Vaferdeau, Grandval, Brüggligräte, Oberdörflerchlus, Eulengrat, Balmflue, Rüttelhorn, Roggenflue, Bränten, Klus-Balsthal, Holzflue, Platte Oberbuchsiten, Santelhöchi, Säli, Eppenberg, Hombergflüeli, Hertenstein, Siggenthalerflue, Albbruck, Seetalhöhe, Pelzli, Falkenflue, Bärenfels - Gewächshaus, Tannenflue, Schartenflue, Hofstettenchöpfli, Schauenburgflue, Eptingen, Bergholtz, Gueberschwihr, Martinswand, Saint-Amé and Falkenstein
Free with the guide you will receive a download code for a free application on iOS and Android for 3 years. Simply download the Vertical Life app download the Vertical Life app, scratch out the code in the guidebook and enter it.
The guide is expected to be available in the app from summer/autumn 2024.
360 pages
Language German / French / English
Edition 2024

S.v. Känel
Edition Filidor

"climbing guidebook Schweiz plaisir Jura"