Glück Auf! - climbing guidebook ore mountains

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In the new edition, the authors present all climbing areas in the Ore Mountains in detail.... more
Product information "Glück Auf! - climbing guidebook ore mountains"

In the new edition, the authors present all climbing areas in the Ore Mountains in detail. Except for the Müglitz Valley in the Eastern Ore Mountains, that will be described in the climbing guidebook "Dresden and Surroundings", which will be published in spring 2023. In recent years, especially in the Westerzgebirge, some climbing areas - such as the Märchenwand area near Breitenbrunn - have been newly created, which are presented for the first time in the new climbing guide. The rock town of Silberbach, located in the Czech part of the Westerzgebirge, is also included for the first time. From the Auersberg area in the Westerzgebirge to the Katzenstein area in the central Erzgebirge, all climbing opportunities in the Erzgebirge are described in the new Glück Auf! guidebook. The Ore Mountains offer a wide range of primary rocks: from the Wolkenstein gneiss to the Wollsack granite of the Greifensteine to the rough biotite granite in the Westerzgebirge.
The following climbing areas are presented in the new edition of the Glück Auf! climbing guide:
area of Auersberg (western ore mountains): Bockau, Blauenthal, Eibenstocker Gebiet, Felsen um Wilzschhaus, Märchenwandgebiet, Breitenbrunner Gebiet, Teufelssteingebiet
Krušné Hory (czech ore mountains): Felsenstadt Silberbach (Skalní město u Stříbrné), Heinrichsstein (Skály na Strašidlech), Preßnitztal (Kryštofovy Hamry)
the center of ore mountains: Greifensteine, Wolkensteiner Gebiet, Katzensteingebiet, Kunnersteinwand
language german / english
2nd edition 2022

S. Flemmig, L. Zybell, I. Röger, G. Krug
Geoquest Publishing House

"Glück Auf! - climbing guidebook ore mountains"