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climbing guidebook Elbtal (Labske Udoli) climbing guidebook Elbtal (Labske Udoli)
2227 routes at the left and right side of the elbe valley, the book has maps, GPS-data, many pictures. this is the first guidebook based on topos! the routes have detailed informations about specifica and protection., 528 pages, language...
€39.90 *
Elbtal Elbtal
Climbing on both sides of the Elbe river, 288 pages, Language: German, Edition 2009
€20.00 *
Labské Údolí Levý Břeh Labské Údolí Levý Břeh
climbing at the left side of the Elbe valley , 384 pages, language czech, edition 2017 , J. Chocholoušek, V. Nehasil
€18.00 *
Labské Údolí Pravý Břeh Labské Údolí Pravý Břeh
climbing at the right side of the Elbe valley, 448 pages, language czech, reprint 2017 of the edition 2015, J. Chocholoušek, V. Nehasil
€19.00 *
Northern Bohemia Northern Bohemia
Trad climbing in the beautiful Bohemia, 352 pages, language german, edition 2003
€10.00 *