climbing guidebook Hoch im Norden

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Climbing in Northern Germany Anyone who knows a bit about the German climbing landscape knows... more
Product information "climbing guidebook Hoch im Norden"

Climbing in Northern Germany

Anyone who knows a bit about the German climbing landscape knows that Lower Saxony has more to offer than Heidschnucken, Hannover 96 and mudflat hikes. You can climb there very well! On the famous Ith cliffs around Kamel, Krokodil and Drachenwand, the bizarre rock towers high up on Kanstein, the rocks in the Selterdschungel that are open for climbing, the popular walls of Brunkensen or the impressive alpine wall abysses of Hohenstein. After just over three years, the second edition of "Hoch im Norden" was already completely sold out. In the meantime, the North German explorers were busy and 150 new tours had to be documented. In the known areas was eagerly re-developed and also two so far little considered areas were awakened with over 60 new ways. Last but not least, a completely new rock was recorded. Interestingly, this is a sandstone quarry. The guide has been completely re-illustrated with over 130 climbing photos and has increased by another 16 pages. As a guarantor for lasting reading pleasure vouches text chief Peter Brunnert. A work not only for the backpack, but - to increase the anticipation - also for the bedside table.

The following areas are included in the guide:

Marienau, Bisperode, Bremke, Dohnsen, Hunzen, Lüerdissen, Scharfoldendorf, Holzen


Freden North, Imsen

Helleberg & Steinberg
Delligsen, Gerzen, Brunkensen

Thüster Mountain
Marienhagen, Kanstein, Salzhemmendorf, Levedagsen

Pötzen, Hohenstein

Weser Mountains
The guide comes with a download code for a free application for iOS and Android. You get all topos as an app for your smartphone for free. The topos are currently being prepared for the app and we therefore ask for a little patience. If you have any questions about the Hoch im Norden climbing app, please contact the Vertical-Life team directly.

536 pages
language german
edition 2021

P. Brunnert, A. and S. Grage
Panico Alpinverlag

"climbing guidebook Hoch im Norden"