climbing guidebook Lausitzer Gebirge - western part

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It is about 130 years ago that climbing development began in one of the most beautiful mountain... more
Product information "climbing guidebook Lausitzer Gebirge - western part"

It is about 130 years ago that climbing development began in one of the most beautiful mountain regions of the North Bohemian region. Since that time, there has been a steady increase in developed climbing crags, so that a recent revision of the individual climbing areas and the publication of a revised climbing guidebook became long overdue. In the "West Part" volume, one can now find information on about 1,000 ascent descriptions at 178 climbing destinations.
The individual climbing areas in northern Bohemia include the crags in the eastern part of the Bohemian Central Uplands/České středohoří, Lusatian Mountains/Lužické hory and Jeschken Mountains/Ještěd.
Featured areas
Bohemian low mountain range/České středohoří
    Cheské středohoří
         Česká skála
    Kottovice mountain/
         Chotovický vrch

Lusatian Mountains/Lužické hory
    Rocks near Haida/
         Skály u Nového Boru, Nový Bor
    Ortel mountain/
    Rocks near Rodowitz/
         Skály u Radvance
    Rock near Bürgstein/
         Skály u Sloupu
    Rocks near Schwoika/
         Skály u Svojkova
    Wellnitz rock/
         Skály u Velenic
Since the publication of the last guidebook for the Lusatian Mountains/Lužické hory in 2003, the number of climbing crags and climbing opportunities in these areas has increased to such an extent that a multi-volume work is now presented (the present climbing guidebook is supplemented by the Climbing Guidebook Lusatian Mountains - Eastern Part).
As in the case of the climbing guidebook for Northern Bohemia, which was already published in 2003, climbing destinations made of non-sandstone are also presented this time. In the "western part" this concerns especially the crags at Chotovický vrch (Kottowitzer Berg), Ortel (Ortelssberg) and Slavíček (Slabitschken) which have been equipped in the recent past by Czech climbers with new bolts, rappel rings and summit books. Especially climbers of medium difficulty will get their money's worth here.
But also friends of higher difficulty ratings will find numerous destinations in the revised climbing guide. Among them are Česká skála (Tscheschkenstein), Chotovický vrch (Kottowitzer Berg), Čedičová skála (Draselstein) and Střelnice (Schießstand), which also offer ascents up to the 10th degree of the Saxon/Bohemian difficulty scale.
Individual climbing crags or groups of crags, which have a larger number of ascents, are presented for better orientation on so-called ascent sketches (view from the "bird's eye view") and topo sketches (side view).
The mountain lover should pay special attention to the pictograms listed next to the rock name. These give further important information, which should help in the selection of the rocks to be visited, in a short and easily understandable form.

An innovation in the presented climbing guide is working with QR codes. With their help, a variety of additional information on the individual climbing areas, such as access, parking, rock or closure times, can be accessed via a separate website.
160 pages
Language German
Edition 2022
M Bellmann, J Trültzsch

"climbing guidebook Lausitzer Gebirge - western part"