Kletterführer Lausitzer Gebirge - Ostteil

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The new climbing guide for the Lusatian Mountains / Lužické hory is also the first volume... more
Product information "Kletterführer Lausitzer Gebirge - Ostteil"

The new climbing guide for the Lusatian Mountains / Lužické hory is also the first volume to be published as a new edition for this wonderful mountain range by Heimatbuchverlag.

A total of ten climbing areas are presented. A total of 1,563 climbs at 209 climbing destinations have been included in the book. Numerous crags are presented on separate ascent sketches or topo sketches.
The individual climbing areas in northern Bohemia include the rocks in the eastern part of the Bohemian Central Uplands/České středohoří, Lusatian Mountains/Lužické hory and Jeschken Mountains/Ještěd.

Presented areas:


    Böschinger Kamm near Liebenau / Bezděčínský hřeben u Hodkovic
    Jeschken Mountains / Ještědský hřbet

Lusatian Mountains/Lužické hory

    Kriesdorf raven stones / Vajoletky (Skály u Křižan)
    Area of Johnsdorf / Janovice v Podještědí
    Region of Pankratz / Skály u Jítravy
    Region of Ringelshain / Skály u Rynoltic
    Region of Pass - Oberwegsteine / Horní skály - Obrvégry
    Rabensteine / Krkavčí skály
    Emperor's ground / Císařské údolí
    White brook valley / Údolí Bílého potoka

As with the climbing guidebook for Northern Bohemia already published in 2003, climbing destinations made of non-sandstone are presented this time as well. In the "eastern part" this concerns in particular the rocks of the Jeschkengebirge/Ještěd, which in the recent past have been wonderfully furnished with new bolts, abseil rings and summit books by Czech mountaineering friends. Especially mountain lovers of medium difficulty will get their money's worth here.

But also sports fans of higher difficulty ratings will find numerous destinations in the revised climbing guide. Among them are the Mathauschwand, the Fellerkofel, the Oberwegsteine and the Rabensteine, which also offer ascents up to the 10th degree of the Saxon/Bohemian difficulty scale.
On the already mentioned Mathauschwand, the approaches are also equipped with numerous bolts in the best sport climbing manner.

Individual climbing crags or groups of crags, which have a larger number of ascents, are shown on so-called ascent sketches (bird's eye view) and topo sketches (side view) for better orientation.
The mountain lover should pay special attention to the pictograms listed next to the rock name. These give further important information, which should help in the selection of the rocks to be visited, in a short and easily understandable form.
An innovation in the presented climbing guide is working with QR codes. With their help, a variety of additional information on the individual climbing areas, such as access, parking, rock or closure times, can be accessed via a separate website.    

140 pages
language: german
edition 2019

M Bellmann, J. Trültzsch


"Kletterführer Lausitzer Gebirge - Ostteil"