climbing guidebook Valtellina rock

climbing guidebook Valtellina rock

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This is the new edition of the historic guide book “Valtellina, Valchiavenna and... more
Product information "climbing guidebook Valtellina rock"

This is the new edition of the historic guide book “Valtellina, Valchiavenna and Engadina”, due to the enormous quantity of material, we have felt the need to divide it into two distinct parts, this operation was facilitated by the clear-cut geographical nature of the territory. This is how the volume was conceived, which after two years follows the Valchiavenna guide book, which has already become a best seller. Guido Lisignoli, after four editions, handed the job over to two youngsters: Simone Manzi who wrote the book in 2018, and Camilla Cerretti who wrote this new volume.
The river Adda runs down the entire Valtellina, and divides two mountain groups which are very different one from the other: the Western Rhaetian Alps and the Bergamo Alps. Thanks to this orographic abundance and to the length of the valley, a few kilometres away we find different types of rock: the Val Masino granite, the limestone of the upper Valley and the gneiss and schist of the lower and medium Valley, the serpentine of Val Malenco and the verrucano of Val Gerola. We are in a territory covered in rock which still needs to be discovered: near a well known structure known internationally as Sasso Remenno or lo Zoia in Val Malenco, there are many rock faces which are not well known or have never been taken into consideration, where new lines are continually being set up. There are many local climbers who have improved the territory making the crags safe and developing new sectors, and Simone Pedeferri is without a doubt one of the most active.
Finally a valley offering a wide range of areas and routes, to be chosen according to the weather forecast, to technical difficulties, to the mental effort required, to the motivation to walk and to the type of climbing. This is the guide book which becomes a bit like a recipe book for our holidays, where we choose a dish depending on the ingredients we wish to use, to guarantee an experience coinciding with our needs.
416 pages
language german
edition 2021

C. Cerretti
Versante Sud

"climbing guidebook Valtellina rock"